Responding to the Great Commission

In the midst of new student outreach, the NAU chapter explored creative ways to respond to Jesus' call to go out and make disciples. We hosted a proxe station called "Extreme Heart Makeover," which was an interactive display on campus that dealt with issues of the heart and gave students in our chapter a chance to engage the gospel with other students in a non-threatening way. Students were asked which personal characteristics they want to get rid of--i.e. selfishness, anger, racism. The outpouring of this event consisted of numerous encounters with NAU students with the gospel and almost 30 interested in investigative bible discussions! I am now leading one of these discussion groups with my small group co-leader, Jodi. This is an exciting partnership as I get to encourage her as a bold leader even more! We are meeting weekly with a girl named Siobhan who has come from negative experiences and a distorted picture of Christianity, but is interested in issues of faith. Together we are studying Jesus-centric passages and asking lots of questions. Here she has heard (for the first time!) why Jesus came to the earth and what that means for us. Do we not serve a God who is perfect in power? A Father that is drawing his daughter, Siobhan, towards him? I am floored by His might and power. Pray for Siobhan's faith journey and that the NAU chapter would continue to grow a culture of evangelism and act in response to the Great Commission.

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